Friday, March 6, 2009

Andrew Walker Points Christians to a Recovery of 'Deep Church'

Andrew Walker urges Christians to recover what C.S. Lewis has called “Deep Church.” He asserts that in this age of uncertainty the time is ripe for Deep Church. To speak of Deep Church is to appeal to the miraculous foundations of the Christian faith and to the common historical tradition of belief and practice that was normative for the early Christian experience.

Walker calls Deep Church a commitment to a robust, maximized form of muscular Christianity. The reservoir of Deep Church for Lewis and for Walker is the Apostolic Faith or what he calls “historic orthodoxy.”

In order to live in Deep Church, Walker encourages Christians to reconnect with each other and with the past. He calls believers to rediscover a proper relationship between Spirit-breathed liturgies and practical programs of theological renewal. For Walker, this requires both inspiration and effort guided by the spiritual need to equip and empower the saints. This is about giving the people of God the tools to appropriate the Faith for themselves and to live in the awareness of the presence of God while mediating that presence to the world.

Andrew Walker is a featured speaker at the upcoming Ancient Wisdom – Anglican Futures Conference.

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